Widget API - IE / Ireland Documentation (Irish Merchants)

This page provides instructions on pulling widget data from the widget API endpoint for merchants who want to build a custom widget front-end instead of using an existing Humm solution.

Widget API endpoint for requesting instalment calculation and repayments breakdown figures:



{merchant_id} : identifier for rate sets

{amount}: total price amount to request a loan for

{term} : the number of instalments in a loan plan. If 0 (zero) requests all possible plans are returned for a given amount

Response Format:

JSON object

Example request URL:


Example Response:

[ { "merchantName":"Some merchant", "offerDesc":"24 Months (0% Interest for 12 Months)", "totAmtPayable":4554.76, "intFreeAmt":178.7, "intFreePeriod":12, "intAmt":190.53, "intPeriod":12, "amt":189.78, "term":24, "frequency":"Monthly", "upfront":0, "interest":true, "acctKeepingFee":3.5, "applicationFee":40 }, { "merchantName":"Some merchant", "offerDesc":"36 Months (0% Interest for 18 Months)", "totAmtPayable":4664.02, "intFreeAmt":119.13, "intFreePeriod":18, "intAmt":130.76, "intPeriod":18, "amt":129.55, "term":36, "frequency":"Monthly", "upfront":0, "interest":true, "acctKeepingFee":3.5, "applicationFee":40 } ]


merchantNameMerchants namestring
offerDescOffer's namestring
totAmtPayableThe final amount to be repaid (already includes total fees)number
intFreeAmtInterest-free instalment amountnumber
intFreePeriodInterest-free number of repaymentsnumber
intAmtinstalment amount including interestnumber
intPeriodinterest-bearing number of repaymentsnumber
amtignore (not used)n/a
termNumber of total repaymentsnumber
frequencyTime frequency between repaymentsnumber
upfrontAmount to pay upfront. If zero but applicationFee is not zero, then upfront should amount to applicationFeenumber
interestIs interest applicable?boolean
acctKeepingFeeFee for keeping account for each term unit (i.e. per month)number
applicationFeeOnce-off application feenumber