Aero Commerce

Aero Commerce Humm Group Integration

This module adds the Humm Group payment gateway into your Aero Commerce application.


Before installing the module you should obtain credentials from Humm Group for your live / sandbox environments and populate them in your .env as follows:





After installing the module you will also be able to manage these via Settings > Humm Group in your admin.

Same Site Cookies

Because the driver requires the customer to be redirected away from the retailer site and then returned after their application, you may experience issues with same site cookies in some browsers, that could lead to orders appearing to be lost or other issues during checkout.

To resolve these, you must make the following changes in your base project:

  • In config/session.php, change the same_site value to none

  • In your .env, add the line SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE=true (or change the default in the above file for secure to true)

After changing these values, you may need to run php artisan config:cache to refresh any cached configuration you had been using.

The retailer site must also be served fully over HTTPS.


Install the module through Composer:

composer require aerocommerce/humm-group

Once you have installed the package you can add a payment method by going to Configuration > Payment Methods and adding a new method which uses the humm_group driver.


Minimum / maximum spends

Humm Group will accept finance applications for any order between £1 and £30,000. If you wish to set your own limits or have agreed other limits with Humm, then you can modify these at Settings > Humm Group

or by adding the following lines to your .env:



In both cases, please do not use any currency symbols or commas to separate the digits on larger amounts.

Phone Numbers

The customer must supply a mobile number in order to submit payment through Humm Group. The driver will validate that the customer has provided a mobile number and show an error if not, but you can also force requirement of a phone number during checkout by going to Settings > Checkout and ticking "Phone Number Required" - however, be aware that this will enable it for all orders, regardless of which gateway they use, and does not validate that the number is mobile, so a customer may still need to modify it when they reach the checkout.


Humm Group only makes partial refunds available in the UK. If you are using this driver elsewhere, you will only be able to refund in full.

Going live

When you are ready to put your integration live to customers, update your .env or settings screen with your live credentials, then add the following line to your .env - or uncheck the "Operate in Test Mode" box on the settings screen - to disable test mode and start to push transactions through the live environment:


Customers can now select Humm payment in checkout: