Training Guides

Find all the guides you'll need to make your financing program a success

Merchant Portal Guide

In this guide, you'll find everything you need to access the Merchant Portal, how to create a new in-store purchase, how to manage your staff, and an overview of the payment summary and reporting available.

Retail version

Clinic version

Troubleshooting Guides

These guides will show you what the customer experience looks like from their perspective and what they can expect as they move through the app to complete both in-store and online transactions. There's a number of guides depending on whether or not the customer/patient is new, existing, in-store, or online.

In-Store Solutions

Customer Led Purchase Journey

Standard Merchant Led Purchase Journey

Merchant Led Purchase Journey with Self-Declared Income

Merchant Led Purchase Journey with Self-Declared Income & In-Person ID

Ecommerce Solutions

New & existing customer ecommerce purchase journey

Existing customer ecommerce purchase with limit increase request

What’s Next

Now that humm is set up, start promoting your program to your customers!