Landing Page

In order to give your customers more info about humm, we strongly recommend adding the humm landing page onto your website. This page explains what humm is, how it works, how to apply for an amount to spend, and covers frequently asked questions. ​

Installation Instructions

*These instructions apply for most platforms, regardless of what your website is built on.​

  • To create the landing page you will need to create a new page and insert the following code (you will need to use the HTML editor.)
  • Name the page ‘humm’​
  • Add the below iFrame code by clicking the < > icon in the top right corner of the text editor​.
  • Paste your iFrame code into the text editor and then click the < > icon again to exit HTML code mode​
  • Finally, click ‘save’ and view your published page ​
  • If you'd like to adjust the height or width of the iFrame, return to the Page editor, click on the HTML code button and change the height amount in the code to suite your website (so there is no scrolling within the page), then re-save the page. ​

UK Landing Page

Preview the UK Page HERE

<iframe  scrolling="no"  src="" title="Humm Partner Uk" width="100%" height="900px" ></iframe>

IE Landing Page

Preview the IE page HERE

<iframe  scrolling="no"  src="" title="Humm Partner IE" width="100%" height="900px" ></iframe>

You may need to set the height of CSS on your website styling so that the page sits nicely within your page.